BCN.PLUS – Barcelona vacation!
BCN.PLUS – Barcelona vacation!

Cannabis culture in Barcelona

Barcelona is indeed a liberal place, almost like Amsterdam but in southern Europe! For here too there is a cannabis museum. All clubs where you can smoke without the risk of problems with the police. Everywhere there is headshops.
For free, we will help our members with advice and offers regarding this!

Decriminalization in Spain has resulted in associations that grow and supply cannabis to their members. Members, in turn, recommend new members.
Spain consists of a number of regions, each of which has quite a lot of autonomy. Therefore, Barcelona now has many cannabis associations (cannabis clubs), around 300 in the central city, where you can buy marijuana or hashish once you become a member.
Some of these clubs also offer various entertainments in the form of billiards, table tennis, video games etc…

The products are usually of high quality and prices are low compared to many other European countries. Often between 6-12 EUR per gram depending on potency and strain. Usually you can borrow equipment from the association such as Vaporizers, bongs and dab-pipes. Paper to roll with and filters are also often provided free of charge by the club.

Note! When you are in Barcelona, people often smoke on the streets and squares. Many smoke completely openly, but keep in mind that it is not legal! In central parts of town, police officers are common. If you are stopped by one and have a joint in your hand, it can lead to a fine of up to 1000 euros!

The decriminalization that enabled cannabis clubs is designed to allow people to smoke at home or in clubs.